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This class will enhance players' ball handling skills so that they become extremely comfortable handling the ball in game-like situations, and finishing at the rim after performing game-like moves. Some of them showed this through the way they played the game of basketball and some of them show it through their body language, or through word of mouth. Longer durations can be used for more advanced athletes , while shorter time durations can be used for youth basketball players. As a little kid I was involved in my local basketball organization which had very fun and effective drills that they had us do in our practice sessions. It is important to practice over and over to gain the confidence in yourself that is needed to dribble without looking at the ball. Your left foot should be hitting the ground just as the ball reaches your left hand.

The wonders of the internet bring you an entire playlist of dribbling drills on youtube. For you to completely perfect your basketball dribbling skills, a lot of constant practice is required. The Effective Ball Handling program is an 3 part training series that is geared toward helping develop your handling skills & help with your hops. Stationary will develop hand eye coordination while on the move will develop moves and dribbling at different speeds that correlate more to game situations.

NBA players use behind the back and between the legs dribbling not to show off, but to make effective offensive moves and protect the ball. I know you may be looking for basketball dribbling tips to impress the crowd, but you can't do any of the fancy behind the back, between the legs moves that you see in the NBA or street ball if you haven't mastered the fundamentals first: You have to crawl before you can walk.

Carrying: Catching the ball with one hand and then continuing to dribble (without stopping the dribbling motion). I know for a fact that the best confidence booster is to get good at what you do. Once you're good at handling the basketball your confidence will explode, so you want to practice different dribbling drills in order to get yourself to the level where you can control the ball very well. Ideally, the ball stays in the same place as the hand position moves from in front of the body to behind the body. Which is another reason why you need to be able to dribble without turning the ball over.

Dribbling the basketball between your legs is something that you will see a lot of players do on a occasional basis. Even the some of the rules have changed and with that comes a misunderstanding of what is the correct way of handling the ball. In the DVD 30 Competitive Skill Development Drills , you will find 12 drills that are specific to improving your ball handling skills in game-like situations.

Overall, The Effective Ball Handling Program 2.0 by Alex Maroko is one of the most popular training programs for basketball ball handling basketball players online for a good reason and any basketball player who want to gain incredible speed and quickness and to take his game to the next level can benefit from Alex Maroko's program. Our year-round programming includes: summer and school break day camps, weekly lessons, D-League, after school programs, Elite Advanced Basketball Academy (EABA), and Hoop Dreams Overnight Basketball Camp. At that point, you can start to work on more complex moves that bring beauty to the game.

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